Get out of debt faster with Debt Blaster.™

Since 1991 we have helped thousands of people just like you, get out of debt. Our Debt Reduction Software will build you a step-by-step plan for getting yourself out of debt.

And best of all, you do it yourself in the privacy and comfort of your own home. You can purchase a copy our Debt Reduction Software on-line right now.

Our Debt Reduction Software is powerful. It's easy to use. It will save you money.

You simply enter the name, annual percentage rate, current balance, and monthly payment for each of your credit cards and loans. Push a button and . . .

Instantly!  Just Like That . . .

You have a personalized payment schedule.

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Take a Look at This Typical Example

Visa 12.90 2,341.00 70.00
Mastercard 19.80 1,705.00 49.00
Discover 17.90 3,781.00 95.00
Sears 21.00 3,415.00 85.00
TOTALS 11,242.00 299.00

If these were your credit cards our Debt Reduction Software would have shown you how to pay them all off in less time than it would have taken you to payoff just the Visa card alone.

Think about that for a second.

Stop Wasting Money!
Stop Wasting Time!

Take Control Today!
Do it For Yourself Right Now
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"This debt reduction system is one of the most powerful
tools available for getting yourself out of debt."
[ What Other's Say ] Gerri Detweiler - Author of 
The Ultimate Credit Handbook 

Getting Out of Debt
The 3 Keys to Success

Key #1 - Income: You must have enough income to continue making your current monthly payments.

Key #2 - Decision Making: You need to make a decision right now, today to get out of debt.

Key #3 - Planning: You have to create a realistic repayment plan that fits your budget and stick to it.

If you master these "3 Keys", you will succeed. Why?... Because there are no other hidden factors.

Here are two examples of everyday people, just like you, who took control and mastered these 3 Keys To Success.


"I followed your advice and have
started to make progress in paying off my debts."
After being trapped by the vultures in the credit card industry, I followed your advice and have started to make progress paying off my debts. I never knew about the ways these vicious companies keep a consumer paying for years and years. You have really opened my eyes to this problem.

I have followed your advice for 15 months. My minimums are so low its shocking but I keep making the amount I set up. It is almost laughable at how easy it is to get this paid off but without your educational information, I never would have known. Thanks again Mike. Keep doing what you're doing. And I hope you get rich and famous and live a fantastic life.

Robert Gardner
Marrietta, Georgia
[ What Other's Say ]

"I will save over $4,700 in interest payments!"
Your program is great! I currently have eight loans out. If I just kept paying off my loans with the minimum payments, it would have taken me over nine and one-half years to pay them off.

By using your program and its techniques, I will completely payoff all eight loans in three years and one month. I will save over $4,700 in interest payments!

Thank you.
Alex S.
West Covina, California
[ What Other's Say ]

Our Software is Easy to Use

After you have purchased and installed your copy of our Debt Reduction Software, here's what you do:

1.  Enter the information about your credit cards and loans in the Data Entry Screen.  
2.  Click the Debt Reduction button.  
3.  Print the Monthly Payment Schedule and stick it on your fridge.  

It's that easy. You have a personal monthly payment schedule that shows you how much to pay each creditor each month. You simply make these payments each month.

What's So Special About Your Software?

That's a good question.

Our software does thousands of calculations. It figures out how to use your money in the most effective way possible. It maximizes every dollar of yours, so you pay hundreds or even thoudsands of dollars less in finance charges.

  For Example:  
  When Debt #1 gets paid off, the money that would have gone toward Debt #1 is added to the payment for Debt #2.  
  When Debt #2 gets paid off, the money that would have gone toward Debt #1 and Debt #2 is added to the payment for Debt #3.  
  This continues on and on, for each of your debts until you have only one debt left. At that point, all of the money you were paying on debts winds up going toward the last debt.  

Credit Card Debt Is The Worst...

Of all the debt you could possibly have, credit card debt is the absolute worst.

You take it home today and pay a small amount each month. This sounds great but it will cost you over twice as much.
60% of your monthly payment becomes profit for them. This is called finance charge or interest.
For every $5 you send in as a payment only $2 goes toward paying back what you borrowed.
  For Example:  
  This $959 color television can be yours for only $24 a month. You think to yourself... "I can afford $24... I like that TV... I'll buy it."  
  The bill comes in and it says amount due $24. It also says finance charge $14.40. So, you send in $24... they keep $14.40... which means $9.60 goes toward the balance.  
  At this rate it will take 109 months (9yrs 1mo) to pay it off. This means you will wind up paying approximately $1,820 for that $959 television. That's almost twice as much.  
The bottom line is this. It's very expensive to use credit cards when you plan on making the minimum payments each month. These companies know this and they intentionally place signs that say only $XX per month.

30-Day, Money-Back Guarantee. You have my personal guarantee. If you are not satisfied for any reason within 30 days of purchasing this software, I will refund your money.

Michael J. Riley